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Making the Right Career Choice in 6 Easy Steps

Updated: Aug 23, 2020

Making the right career choice can be as easy as following these 6 steps
6 Steps to Making the Right Career Choice

Hey 20 somethings, Welcome Back! Another week of 2020 down only a couple more to go and I think it’s fair to say, that this year will go down in history as one of the most life-changing years for many people, myself included.

One lesson I’m sure has been universal to us all, throughout 2020 is the importance of learning how to adapt to change. In light of the COVID 19 pandemic, our new reality has forced us to make many adjustments to regular habits and daily routines. Who would’ve thought, that a time would come, where you would see a friend on the road and not be able to give them a big bear hug?

Today, its more clear than ever before how quickly life comes at you, inspiring changes you least expected. As some of you embark on joining the world of work even amidst a global pandemic, I’m sure you are anxious about the possibilities of your future and what you will do for the rest of your life. Having considered all the life lessons 2020 has taught me thus far and particularly, how important having multiple streams of income is, this week I figured I’d be your ‘Career-Godparent’ and share with you 6 Easy Steps to Making the Right Career Choice.

Step #1 - Who are you?

One of the primary reasons people face difficulty or end up making poor career choices is due to their insufficient knowledge about themselves. Before you decide to jump head-on, into a career path, take some time to define yourself and consider who you are. What are your likes and dislikes? What would you say you are exceptional at? Think of all the specific things that make you, you. Where do your passions lie? What activity when done gets your blood pumping and body flowing? Knowing yourself plays a significant role in assessing what is right for you. If you fail in this area you are setting yourself up for a career path marred by misery.

Step #2 - My goal in life is...

I’ve always been a strong believer in crafting S.M.A.R.T. (that is specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-based) goals so that I can best assess where I am now and where I want to be in 2 weeks, 1 month or 1 year from now. Similarly, if you want to make the right Career Choice, you’ll need to Identify your goals, both short term and long term.

Ask yourself, six months from now, what do I want to achieve? Once you’ve answered this, ask yourself, How will I achieve it? As you begin to look for answers for each of these questions, follow them up with other questions such as: Where will I be in 3 years? and How do I see myself financially and emotionally? The better you begin to know yourself and what your goals are, the mountain of identifying what career will be right for you becomes easier.

Step #3 - Make a List of suitable Career Choices

Once you’ve gone through the process of self-discovery, you are now much closer to realizing what your right career choice is. Your next step requires you to make a list filled with all the careers you think align with your personality and life goals. As you go through your list, weigh the pros and cons of each career you write down, if the cons outweigh the pros, cross it off. It’s not worth it! Remember your passion, it is okay to make a career out of your passion. The whole point is to do something you are great at. Do not just write random jobs because you want to fill the ‘gaps’ on the list. Imagine being hired by that random job and dreading it for years, Is the emotional torture and unhappiness worth it? I think not!

Step #4 - Seek out Expert Career Advice

It won’t always be enough to think that a career path is right for you just because it aligns with your personality and life goals. Once you’ve created your suitable career list, reach out to people who are experts in these job fields. You’d be surprised how many persons would be happy to reply to an Instagram or Twitter Dm about their career. You reaching out means you respect them, or you think that they are exceptional in some way because trust me, you did not just pick them by random.

As you make contact, take notes, ask the questions you really want to hear the answers for. Highlight the ones that you know are perfect for you and please note, you may not always hear what you want to and that’s okay. If the job doesn’t suit you anymore you can cross it off. Don’t be influenced by an expert in this field because they “think you’ll be great”. You are the only one who knows you and if your gut is saying this not for you then stick with your gut.

Step #5 - What is your Ideal Work Week?

With all the thinking you’ve been doing about things your good at and what your goals are, the thought of how many hours a week you’ll be willing to work probably hasn’t crossed your mind. So now, I’m inviting you to close your eyes and imagine what your ideal workweek should look like throughout your career span. What hours would you like to work? Are you comfortable with a 9-5 or is a 10 - 3 more your speed? Would you prefer working 40 hrs in 5 days or 40 hrs in 7 days?. Can you see the bigger picture? Great! You know what to do.

Step #6 - Make the Right Career Choice!

You’ve now made your list of suitable career choices and attempted to reach out to experts in these fields, your next step is to consider steps 1 -5 and narrow your career list down. Pick the careers that speak to you, the ones you are very certain about; but remember to be flexible. Flexibility is a great added tool that can make you more attractive in your field of choice. Get certified in something that is a bonus to any department.

There you have it, friends, my 6 easy to Making the Right Career Choice. Simple right? I do hope that you did not only read this post, but you also applied these steps to your life. I wish for you all, enormous success in whatever career choice you make.

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