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How To Stay Motivated While Job Hunting In A Pandemic

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

The action of job hunting after completing tertiary level education has always been a difficult scene to navigate. Not only are there thousands of other recent graduates within your degree field now seeking jobs, but there is also the matter of individuals with far more work experience than you, also competing to receive the same jobs you've been applying to.

To say the least, the period of job hunting can be a very frustrating and demotivating one.

And now to add further fuel to the flames, is having to navigate an already rocky job terrain in the middle of a PANDEMIC.

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I don't know about you but this is definitely not what I had in mind when I imagined leaving Uni, talk about expectation vs reality.

With so many challenges now standing in our way as recent University Grads, staying motivated during a job search, seems an almost impossible feat.

If you've been feeling particularly demotivated in your job search as of late, here's how you can stay motivated when job hunting in a pandemic:

How To Stay Motivated When Job Hunting?

1. Switch Things Up

As Einstein once said, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result, and this statement holds true in your job search strategy.

If you realize that for months you've been only applying to jobs on LinkedIn and this hasn't been yielding the results you expected, do you really need me to tell you to start diversifying your job search strategy?

Hundreds of companies advertise open positions not on LinkedIn but on their company websites and social media pages, in the newspaper, and on third-party job sites such as CaribbeanJobsOnline and Glassdoor, so get looking!

2. Follow Up On Previous Applications

If you've sent out quite a few job applications recently but haven't been getting any responses, doing a follow up on your application could be advantageous.

Doing a follow up could :1) show your interest in the position, 2) ensure that your application was received by your intended target (the job recruiter or Human Resource Manager), and 3) indicate whether your application is still being reviewed or has already been denied.

Important to note, however, is that if you chose to take the follow-up on your application route, it would be best to wait until 1- 2 weeks after your application has been submitted to reach out.

This way, the job recruiter has adequate time to review your application and your reaching out won't come off as you being pushy.

3. Learn From Your Mistakes

Believe me, I can 100% guarantee that when you just start your job search, there are tons of things you're gonna get wrong.

Maybe your resume won't pass the 6 seconds recruiter test, or your inherent value to a prospective hiring company won't adequately be communicated during your interview.

Regardless of where things went south for you during the job-hunting process, it's important that you learn from your mistakes.

4. Know When To Seek Professional Help

If you're applying to 100 job listings a day and in return have been receiving nothing but radio silence, chances are you're doing something wrong.

Whether you've been applying to jobs that you are highly underqualified for or the current state in which your resume is, makes no one say 'WOW', maybe it's time to seek professional help.

Remember, if you don't exactly know where you've been going wrong in your job hunting process, you'll keep making the same mistakes, so it really doesn't hurt to ask.

5. Respectfully Ask For Feedback

The people who win in life are not people who have never failed, but rather those who've been able to see every "failure" for what they really are, an opportunity to learn.

Kickstart your job search on a positive note by seeing every job rejection as your opportunity to learn.

When faced with a job rejection letter do not be dismayed.

Instead, respectfully respond to the hiring manager indicating your disappointment for not receiving the job at hand and ask where you may have fallen down during the job prospecting process.

Then commit to working on it in the future.

After all, you've already not been selected for the job, what more do you have to lose?

6. Don't Become A Slave To The Job Search

Let me just say that I have saved the best tip for last.

I get it not having a job can be infuriating. You've been a graduate for how many months now?

And still, no job.

However, despite how badly you may want a job, sitting around your computer for 15 hours a day scouring through Job Sites and applying to companies whose names you can't even remember, won't get you it.

Sometimes taking a break from your job hunt is exactly what your brain needs.

Take a few hours or even a few days to relax, reset and recharge.

Then start your job search afresh and knock your job application out of the park.

Bonus: Focus On The Things You Can Control

I won't say that if we weren't in a pandemic you would've already gotten a job, but the possibility does exist.

Regardless, this pandemic is our reality so spending time focusing on would haves and could haves won't help any of our situations.

That said, don't be too hard on yourself, if your job search is taking a little longer than that of your peers.

Remember nothing happens before it's time.

Closing Thoughts On How To Stay Motivated When Job Hunting In A Pandemic

Navigating the job market, especially during a pandemic can be a difficult cross to carry but not an impossible one.

You aren't the first who has had to enter the job market at a time when job prospects looked bleak and by no means will you be the last.

Hang in there, your time will come.

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If you are currently job searching, I'd love to hear all about how you've been trying to stay motivated in the comments below.

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