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The Importance Of Being True To Yourself

In a world of traditionalists, stereotypes, critics, and social media influencers the importance of being one's true self appears to have become lost behind walls of societal pressures, judgments, and a nagging desire to 'fit in'.

While I admit that being true to yourself is much easier said than done, aiming to be anything but your truest self, will lead you to live a life marred by dishonesty, internal conflict, and lack of purpose.

Anyone can put on a facade showcasing the socially accepted versions of themselves but I for one am much more interested in the person you become when you think nobody's watching.

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When you're home alone do you take liberty in turning the stereo on and dancing like nobody's watching?

Or do you jump into the shower turn the volume to your favourite song up and sing like you're Whitney Houston incarnate?

Who are you really?

How Important Is Being True To Oneself?

Being true to one's self is something way too many of us take for granted

In fact, for many people not being true to themself has become so normal that they don't even realize when it's happening.

First, it might start off with half-truths and white lies about the things we like.

Like being in an interview and agreeing to love a book you've probably never even read, or accepting a cup of alcohol from a friend at a party, when in reality the smell of alcohol alone gives you waves of nausea.

The more we tell these half-truths, is the more they seem to become apart of us until we ourselves cannot differentiate between what's true and what's not.

It's pretty easy for us to hide our true selves from the world because many of us fear the judgment or rejection it may cause. But has it ever occurred to you that maybe, just maybe someone will like you for exactly who you are?

Being true to yourself is important because No One Is You And That's Your Super Power.

Top 5 Reasons Most People Aren't Being Their True Self

Since being your true self is so important, you're probably wondering "Why aren't people being their true selves?".

Well, the answer to that is simple, most people aren't being their true selves due to a variety of underlying reasons that may include a few or at least one of the following reasons:

1. Societal Pressure

We live in a society that is very black and white. You're either one thing or the other, there's no room for people who want to be grey.

As a result, owing to this constant pressure to be the version of ourselves that society sees as acceptable, we do the things that are required of us and stifle that little part of our true self that once dared to be different.

2. Fear of Rejection

While societal pressure is usually the main reason, people shy away from being their true selves on the other side of societal pressure, is the fear of rejection.

For a person who has been openly rejected for being true to themself in the past, one of two things is likely to happen. They may either: 1) develop a persona who remains true to themself even in spite of rejection from society, family, or peers, or 2) adapt a persona who adheres to societal norms of behaviour to avoid being rejected.

3. Overwhelming Desire To Fit In

Though some people conform to society's ideology of self as a result of the fear of rejection, for others it is quite the opposite, they actually want to fit in.

In fact, they are so consumed by this desire to fit in, that they are willing to do every and anything it takes in order to fit in.

This may involve changing the way they dress (sometimes even spending their last dollar to purchase designer clothes), lying about where they live, or adapting personality traits that are in stark opposition to their true selves.

4. Peer Pressure

You might not give a rat's ass (yes I really just said that) about fitting in but you can't help but be influenced by your friends.

It's probably not that your friends don't like the real you (at least I hope that's not the case), but some friends really know how to push you to your limits and sometimes you just don't have the fight in you to argue.

So you smoke the blunt when offered rather than declining it because even though you don't want to, performing the activity and getting it over with, seems easier to do than going back and forth with your friend, trying to prove you're not a wus.

5. Social Media Influence

In recent years, the prominence of social media and the rise in 'social media influencers', has seen a rapid increase.

Very few are able to hide away from social media by never creating profiles, but for the majority checking their social media accounts has become the order of the day.

To say that you aren't influenced by social media in any way would be remiss of you. I mean, how can you not be?

On Social Media people present the best of themselves. Posting only the pictures where the lighting hits them just right, where their accomplishments and successes are showcased or where they appear to be "living the life".

But is this life our reality? When we post only these things are we really being true to ourselves?

How To Be True To Yourself?

I high key feel like this really isn't the kind of thing I need to tell you but in case after reading everything I've said you're left asking yourself the question, "how I can I be true to myself?", here's a step in the right direction.

Being true to yourself means being honest about how you feel, what you desire, and what you value. It requires telling your whole truth and nothing but your truth in your words, actions, and deeds.

Your truth unlike your disposable masks should not be something you put on and take off as you have alike. Your truth should live with you and in you 24/7.

Simply put, being true to yourself is about doing what feels right to you regardless of societal pressure, peer pressure, fear of rejection, social media influence, and your overwhelming desire to fit in.

Closing Thoughts On The Importance Of Being True To Yourself

Each person is brought into the world with their own sense of uniqueness. Something about you was made different from everybody else as a reminder that you were created special, by a higher being.

By neglecting to live a life where you are true to yourself, you place yourself, friends, family, and creator at a disservice, for never getting to experience the real you.

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If you have had an experience where you struggled to be true to yourself in the past, I'd love to hear all about it and how you overcame your struggle in the comments below.

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