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2021 Now What?...5 Positive Attitudes To Kickstart A Happy New Year

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

Having made it through a year that tested our faith, deteriorated our mental health, but most of all reminded us of who and what matters most, how then do we tackle this new year?

A year that by its very own name seems to imply that "2020 Won" (2021).

While I am not yet sure what to make of this irony, I will say that regardless of all the bad that took place in 2020, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

This light comes from the newness that a new year brings. A chance for New Beginnings, Renewed Relationships, and Limitless Opportunities.

To ensure that you are in fact ready to kickstart this new year on a positive note, having learned all the lessons you could from 2020, here are a few attitudes you should definitely take with you into the year:

But first...

What's in an Attitude?

You're probably wondering what does your attitude have to do with ensuring you have a great year and the answer to that is simple, EVERYTHING.

Your attitude determines how you think, feel or act towards a person, situation, thing, or event.

So simply put if you have a bad attitude towards the new year then needless to say it will affect everything you do or don't do throughout the year.

And now without further ado, I give you:

5 Happy New Year Worthy Attitudes


After the roller coaster ride that 2020 was, sharing expressions of gratitude in the words of Jamaican Reggae Singer Koffee, is definitely a MUST.

So many persons who started 2020 had no idea that making it into 2021 wasn't in the cards for them. So with this second chance at life, I implore you, don't take it lightly.

The world is a much better place with you in it and not only does your life have meaning but it also has purpose.


I wasn't the only one to experience the COVID 19 pandemic and neither were you. For the last couple of months, we have literally as they say in High School Musical been "all in this together".

In this way, we have all become some version of an empath. We aren't just sympathising with the experiences of those around us, we've actually learned to understand and share in the feelings of our companions.

That said, whether the pandemic goes away or not (fingers crossed that it does), it is my hope that for the year 2021 we will continue to be empaths. Because if 2020 taught me anything about people it's that we're better together than when we're apart.


A New Year is always an excellent opportunity to start anew in various aspects of your life and in particular your relationships.

The truth is, regardless of whatever wrongs an individual has done to you, holding a grudge against them, will do you more harm in the long run than good.

So start your new year off on a positive note by forgiving those who have wronged you. Additionally, while you're working on forgiving others, don't forget to make room to forgive yourself.

I'm pretty sure you aren't the same person you were a year or two ago, so it's about time you stopped allowing your past mistakes to define your present.


As a fellow 20Something I know only too well how hard exercising an attitude of patience can sometimes be. We're still in the middle of a pandemic, things might not have been working out the way you thought they would, and more and more these days you are starting to feel impatient with the direction of your life.

If you can relate to any of this, then my advice to you is simple. Literally nothing happens before it's time. There's no need to feel disgruntled or impatient because things seem to be taking longer to manifest than you'd like them to.

A wise man once said, "Sometimes it takes 10 years to get that 1 year that will change your life" and I honestly couldn't agree more. So be patient and stop trying to compare your Chapter 5 with someone else's Chapter 23.


Can you imagine waking up every day feeling angry at the world and maybe even yourself for a pandemic or any other disappointing occurrence, that is completely out of your control? Been there!

It's frustrating, right? Watching all your plans for the year go up in flames, not to mention that nagging sense that you no longer have any control over your life?

Believe me, I get it, but being angry and frustrated at the world or yourself won't solve any problems. This whole situation that we have found ourselves in is way bigger than you and I, and if you want to live a happy life the best thing for you to do is to accept the situation for what it is.

The sooner you have accepted and come to terms with the things you cannot change is the quicker you will be able to direct your discontent into productive and worthwhile projects.

Closing Thoughts On 5 Positive Attitudes To Kickstart The New Year

The key to kickstarting your new year on a Positive Note starts with a Positive Attitude.

If you can think of any other attitudes that would be great for starting a New Year on a positive note, I’d love to hear it so feel free to share them in the comments below.

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Jae T
Jae T
Jan 11, 2021

Precisely! @Kemar. I couldn't agree more


kemar henriques
kemar henriques
Jan 10, 2021

Surviving 2020 goes to show just how blessed you are!

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