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10 Must-Have Gift Ideas for the 2020 University Grad

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

It's that time of year again.

The climes are cooler, the scent of makeup and hairspray are pungent in the air, friendship pacts are being made and photographs with killer bright smiles conveniently hiding any evidence of years of blood sweat, and tears are taking social media platforms by storm.

That's right, you guessed it, the season of graduates is upon us yet again.

Only this year, I along with my University friends will also enjoy the pleasure of being apart of the 2020 graduating class albeit a virtual one.

I promised myself that I wouldn't use this post to rant about all the things the COVID 19 pandemic has robbed me of, but just know enjoying a physical graduation with my friends and family is definitely one of them.

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As I can imagine that there are other University graduates like myself, who've been feeling kind of blue considering the way their University tenure ended, I have taken up the charge to add a little spice to our graduation year in the best way I know how, Gifts!

Who doesn't love a well thought out gift?

Whether you are looking for something to gift yourself, your son, daughter, or family member, here are a few gift ideas I found on Amazon that would be perfect for a 2020 University Grad:

Gift Ideas for the 2020 University Graduate

I know what it looks like but no, I'm not encouraging you to drink. However, I know that whether or not I do encourage you to drink you're probably gonna do it anyway. In which case, what better way to sip your favorite wine than in a glass that reminds you of a reason to celebrate, #Degreed #Classof2020 #OneDegreeHotter.

I'm apart of the school of people who still believe that having a customized key chain is actually pretty cool. So if you're like me, and love the presence of a good old affirmation to get you through the day then this for her, Graduation Key Chain would be perfect for you!

Who doesn't love a good neckpiece? Something to take your outfit from drab to fab. If simplicity is your friend and you'd choose silver over gold any day, this Graduate Diploma Necklace is a gift you would definitely appreciate.

This one's for all my sash fanatics. The one's you can always depend on to have or purchase the right sash for every event. Who think Birthdays aren't complete until they put their "It's My Birthday " Sash on and capture a feed worthy post for the gram.

Covid 19 might have ruined your physical graduation plans but you can still capture your feed worthy photo wearing this "I Graduated" Sash.

For many people, the completion of their University graduation is where life begins. They're no longer confined to the 4 walls of a classroom whether physical or virtual and at long last, they can do all the things they've wanted to do for years but couldn't because of school. If you can relate, then chances are getting the gift of this for him Graduation Key Chain would suit you perfectly.

6. Pandora Graduation Charm

I don't know who needs to hear this but Pandora Bracelets are a girls best friend. Not only are they trendy, fashionable and chic but they add a little personality to your taste in jewelry. One thing you should note about pandora bracelets is that no two bracelets will ever look exactly the same.

Yes, the base look of the bracelet may appear similar but each pandora owner has the opportunity to customize their bracelets with various charms that mimic meaningful moments within their lives.

These include: Anniversaries, Birthdays, Christmas Holidays and of course Graduations. If your daughter, friend, or wife is a fan of Pandora, I can 100% guarantee they will love this charm!

Sidenote: Big thanks to my friends who pooled together and got me this charm for my bracelet, I love it!

Finishing your Master's Degree is no easy feat. If you thought Undergrad was 3 - 4 years of blood, sweat and tears then believe me when I say, starting and completing your Master's Degree is a whole new ball game. Almost like Hunger Games but 10 times worst. So if you or your friend has recently completed your Master's Degree then just know you DESERVE this cup.

Sidenote: To my friends currently pursuing their Master's I'll have this cup ready and waiting to hand over at your graduation ceremonies.

In recent years the use of Tumblers has become such a trend. They're compact so you take them around anywhere. They're insulated so they'll keep your hot beverages hot and cold drinks cold. Best of all, they're reusable which means you'll be saving the environment one sip at a time #savethetrees.

In the age of digital that we now find ourselves, it has come to my attention that doing things online has now completely replaced the traditional way we once operated. Instead of going to photo studios putting an SD card into a machine to get hard copies of your picture, to fill pages upon pages of albums, Google Drive and iCloud systems have now become our best friends.

While I am also guilty of this indiscretion I still believe that there are some moments worthwhile enough to be framed and given some wall space in my living room or bedroom and you should too. Needless to say, Graduation photos are one such hard copy worthy photo moment.

As strange as it may seem, there are people in the world who: 1) Love stationery and 2) Love memorabilia in all shapes, sizes and forms. As such, as insignificant as the gift of a pen may seem to you, if given to the right person, it could possibly make their day. What better way for a person to get through their roughest day, than with a pen that reminds them that "All Things Are Possible".

There you have it ladies and gents, a post that details 10 Must-Have gifts for the 2020 University grad, I do hope this helps in your gift shopping and to my graduates, if given any of these gifts I hope you'll find them to be very thoughtful.

As always thank you for reading. If you haven't already, go follow us on Instagram @survivingyour20somethings and on Facebook @survivingyour20somethings. If you loved this post or found it useful don't forget to like, share and purchase a gift for your friend or family member.

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Jae T
Jae T
17. Dez. 2020

Thank you Tori-k will do!

Gefällt mir

Tori-K Moncrieffe
Tori-K Moncrieffe
17. Dez. 2020

Love Love It. I was excited to see the email that a piece has been posted. Keep up the good work my friend. Great Ideas

Gefällt mir
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